Tiebreaker Sports serves as a guide, unlike any other, for the average sports fan. Whether it is fantasy, sports betting, or sports analysis, Tiebreaker Sports covers it all. The content included does not come from analysts, statisticians, or beat writers, but rather regular college students who are fascinated by sports. All articles are written with a personal perspective that accurately assess sports related topics. Our writers come from a variety of different backgrounds, present unique ideas, and do not shy away from the truth.

Brandon Pollack (Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief) Brandon is currently a freshman at Syracuse University majoring in Sport Management. Born and raised in Sacramento, California, Brandon is a die hard Sacramento Kings fan. He is also a dedicated Buffalo Bills and New York Mets fan. Brandon writes about everything in sports, from analyzing current events to sports wagers.

Mike DiBiase (Co-Founder/Writer)- Mike is currently a freshman at Syracuse University in Newhouse School of Communications and also Whitman School of Management. He is obsessed with sports with strong opinions on almost every sports topic. His specialty is fantasy sports.

Eric Spiniello (Writer)- Eric is currently a freshman at Syracuse University, majoring in Marketing and Management at the Whitman School of Management. Although he is from New Jersey, his favorite sports team has always been the Miami Dolphins. Eric writes about a wide range of topics, including the NFL, NBA, as well fantasy sports and news stories.

Charles Goldberg (Writer)– Charles is a freshman accounting student from Mansfield, MA. He has a love for New England sports and sports statistics. His hot takes center around various NBA, MLB, and NFL storylines. Charles aspires to work in a front office someday and do financials for a professional franchise.   

Zach Petr (Writer)– Zach is currently a freshman at Syracuse University studying Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering. He is a native of New Jersey, and therefore naturally his NFL team of choice is the New York Giants. However, his true sports passions lie in college football and basketball, where he is a die-hard Nebraska Cornhusker and Syracuse Orange fan. Outside of fandom, he also had an extensive 6 year football and 4 year rec-basketball playing careers, allowing him to understand the games from both the viewpoint of the fan and player.

Christian Skroce (Writer) – Christian is currently a freshman at Northeastern University, majoring in Physics. A native of New Jersey, he is an avid New York sports fan, specifically the Jets, Mets, Knicks, and Rangers. Christian writes on a variety of topics across all major sports leagues, including fantasy sports strategies and stories.