Three Bold Predictions For the NFL Offseason

Only one quarterback will be taken in the first round of the draft:

While 2nd overall pick Carson Wentz made some strides last year, it is no question the best quarterback taken in 2016 was Dak Prescott, who fell all the way to the fourth round. In 2014, the Raiders also got a post first round steal when they nabbed Derek Carr in the second round. You could go even further and talk about Russell Wilson in 2012. The point is, some of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now were not first round talents, and teams around the league may finally be starting to take notice. While the incoming quarterback class has promise, very few of them seem even close to NFL ready right now. Only one of these quarterbacks, most likely Watson or Trubisky, will distinguish himself as the leader of the pack, but as for the others, well they will have to wait until at least the second day of the draft to hear their names called. This draft is loaded with defensive talent, and while we will see some of these incoming quarterbacks start in the league someday, most teams will probably choose to grab more talented guys at other positions and wait on quarterback, since it seems to have worked for other clubs in the past.

The Bills will trade up for Mike Williams:

The Bills’ quarterback situation is one of the most interesting in the NFL. Tyrod Taylor ended up sticking with the team, but with skepticism over the course of the last three months you can not be sure the Bills have full confidence in him. The Bills have had one of the more talented rosters in the past two seasons, especially on defense, but Rex Ryan was unable to get anything done. So, it is the Bills’ turn to get a little crazy. With an offense lead by Sammy Watkins and Lesean McCoy, the Bills might just be one more talented piece away from truly competing for a wild card spot, and that is exactly what the organization will think as they approach the draft. With both Robert Woods and Marquese Goodwin saying sayonara to Buffalo, the Bills are left with a one dimensional wide receiver core in basically only having Sammy Watkins. Mike WIlliams, a big, physical wide reciever that contributed to a championship in Clemson, has a high ceiling that Buffalo needs to take advantage of. In order to ensure they get WIlliams, the Bills get will pull a 2016 Rams type move and give up big-time draft picks to nab their guy.

Gronk says goodbye to New England, and hello to South Beach:

Since Rob Gronkowski went down with a season-ending injury earlier this year, there has been massive speculation as to what will become of the All-Pro tight end, and during the Super Bowl Gronk’s future may have become a bit clearer. Not only did the Patriots mount the largest comeback in Super Bowl history, they did it without their star offensive threat. Gronkowski is set to account for a huge cap hit this upcoming season, a number far too high for a player that does not seem as essential to the Patriots organization as he once was. All signs point to the Patriots releasing or trading Gronkowski, so the question becomes, where will he end up? And what a better place for the party animal to sign than in Miami, with the rival Dolphins. The warm weather would be a nice transition for Gronkowski, and he could provide the Dolphins with the firepower they need to complete their offense, which already has pro-bowlers Jarvis Landry and Jay Ajayi. Regardless of where he ends up, I do not expect Gronkowski back in Foxborough next season.

By Christian Skroce                                                  Photo Credit:


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