Super Bowl LI Panel

Patriots-31, Falcons-24

It is hard to bet against the Patriots. Tom Brady seems to be unstoppable, the coaching staff is arguably the best in the league, and, as an organization, they have proved that they can win when it matters. Every now and then you hear of that somebody who is trying to be the hero and pick the Falcons, but it is just not going to happen. They are a one-dimensional team that is just too inexperienced. Although Kyle Shanahan is a wizard, and ignited Atlanta’s historical offensive year, the Patriots are the best game planning team in the league. While both teams are extremely talented, the Patriots will edge out the Falcons.

By Brandon Pollack


Falcons-34, Patriots-31

I might be in the minority, but I believe the Falcons have enough offensive fire power to outlast the Patriots in Super Bowl LI.  The key matchup to watch will be WR Julio Jones vs. CB Malcolm Butler.  The athleticism and four-inch height advantage of Jones should give him the edge.  I also see LT Jake Matthews and the Falcons offensive line holding their ground against DE Trey Flowers and the Patriots pass rush, which will also be crucial.  Nonetheless, this game will be a close, exciting, high-scoring shootout.

By Eric Spiniello


Patriots-24, Falcons-14

It would be foolish to bet against Tom Brady in a Super Bowl. This may be one of the most complete teams that he has ever had and with three solid running backs, expect Brady to hand the ball off more than he has had to in previous Super Bowls. Brady should win his 5th Super Bowl and 4th MVP, solidifying his place as the greatest player in professional football history. While it is unclear who may cover Julio Jones, Bill Belichick has had two weeks to figure out how to neutralize him. This will be a close game, but expect a New England victory.

By Charles Goldberg


Falcons-38, Patriots-35

It is going to be a good, competitive game, but in the end no one is stopping the Falcons’ offense. Matt Ryan has been on a borderline historic tear lately and although Malcolm Butler is good, he is no defensive Julio Jones. Furthermore, the Falcon’s defense is underrated with Vic Beasley sure to provide constant pressure on the always nimble Tom Brady. In the end, I am taking the Falcons in an exciting back-and-forth shootout.

By Zach Petr


Patriots-37, Falcons-24

The Falcons will be trailing from the start of Super Bowl LI. The Patriots’ offense will pick apart and exploit the young defenders on Atlanta who have been lackluster all season. Whatever team wins the first quarter will win this game, but opposite of recent games for the Falcons, the Patriots will come out scorching hot rather than themselves. A late 4th quarter score by the Falcons will suggest the game was closer than it was in reality.

By Mike DiBiase

Photo Credit: Winslow Townson-Associated Press


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