How to Win your Fantasy Super Bowl

Trying to get an upper hand for the finals?

Trying to find some tips on how to win as the underdog?

Top performances from the kicker and defense positions are key. In order to get a step ahead of your opponent in the finals, winning the head-to-head in terms of kicker and defense is necessary. A combined 20 points is safe; however, 25 to 30 points is ideal.


Sebastian Janikowski: Owned in only 60% of ESPN leagues, expect another big day from Janikowski. Not only does he have potential for a big day, but he is a safe bet against the Colts, whom have allowed the 3rd most points to kickers on the season.

Ryan Succop: Succop is a riskier start than Janikowski, but has potential for a monster game against the worst “kicking defense” in the league. Succop has been on point lately- with 9, 10 and 9 points in the last 3 weeks of play. Also, Succop is in all likelihood available in your league.

On Defense:

Kansas City Chiefs: I do not think that ESPN is giving enough love to the Chiefs this week. They face off against an embarrassing offense in Denver who have no passing game or running game, at the moment. Also, in their last meeting, Justin Houston caused serious problems for Denver. Trevor Siemian has been struggling lately and is on the hot seat. Yes, Denver will leave everything out on the field this week as it is a must-win game, but expect it to remain low scoring with many 3 and outs.

San Diego Chargers: The Chargers do not even have a good defense in terms of fantasy. The Cleveland Browns are just so disgracefully bad that the Chargers are guaranteed for 10 points this week, no questions asked. (The Browns have let up 11, 17, 29, 29, 11 and 13 points in the past five weeks against opposing fantasy defenses).

Lastly, know your opponent and your own team. Do not over think anything. You have trusted your team and prepared in a certain way each week- it has worked! Do not change too much. Matches and injuries (AND WEATHER) are very important, but when push comes to shove… go with your gut. It has certainly made you successful up to this point and DO NOT turn around now and listen to the analysts over yourself. Just do whatever you have been doing and do not invert your entire fantasy lifestyle.

By Mike DiBiase                          Photo Credit: Associated Press


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