Week 12: Top 5 Bets to Make


Titans at Bears

Line: Titans -4.5, Pick: Titans-The Titans find themselves falling out of playoff contention and in need of win. While the Bears did hang around against the Giants, that is not going to be the case this week. The Bears are out of playoff contention, Zach Miller is out for the year, and Mariota is fighting for a shot in the playoffs, Tennessee will win this one handily.

Giants at Browns

Line: Giants -7, Pick: Giants-Sure the Giants cut it close last week against the Bears, but the Browns are on another level of bad. The Browns are in the lead of the race for the first overall draft pick, and they are going to make sure they keep it this week, by losing by more than seven.

49ers at Dolphins

Line: Dolphins -7.5, Pick: Dolphins-The Dolphins are at home on a five-game win streak going up against a bottom tier team in the NFL. The one-win 49ers are also travelling across the country. This one will not be close.

Chargers at Texans

Line: Chargers -1.5, Pick: Texans-The Texans have not been anything flashy this year, but they win games. All four of their losses have come against teams with a winning record, and that pattern is not going to change this week.

Patriots at Jets

Line: Patriots -8, Pick: Patriots-Besides the slip up against the Seahawks, the Patriots have looked virtually unstoppable with Brady. They, no doubt, are among the best in the league. On the other hand, the Jets have been so bad this year that they are competing for a top draft pick. With no need to win, and the Patriots returning to themselves last week, the Jets are going to lose control of this game quickly.

*All spreads are according to ESPN and are subject to change

By Brandon Pollack                               Photo Credit: Getty Images

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