NFL Week 10: Top 5 Bets To Make


Packers at Titans

Line: Packers -2.5, Pick: Packers-While the Packers are coming off a tough loss at home, Rodgers put up good numbers and their talent is undeniable. They are going to come out with something to prove and put some points on the board against an average Tennessee defense.

Bears at Buccaneers

Line: Bears -2.5, Pick: Buccaneers-The Buccaneers have shown mixed signals about the quality of their team. However, this week they have a 2-6 team at home and are underdogs. The Bucs got this one.

Chiefs at Panthers

Line: Panthers -3, Pick: Panthers-Yes the Panthers are 3-5, and yes the Chiefs are 6-2, but the Panthers are going to come out on top by more than three points. They are motivated team and have proven their capability the last two weeks. The Panthers are slowly looking more like the team they were last year and this week will confirm their talent.

Houston at Jacksonville

Line: Jacksonville -2, Pick: Texans-The Texans have not slipped against any bad teams this year, with their three losses coming against the Patriots, Vikings, and Broncos. Jacksonville is not going to be an exception, and the Texans are going to continue rolling against non-elite teams.

Rams at Jets

Line: Jets -1, Pick: Rams-What an exciting game this one is going to be…not. Two terrible, boring teams are going to battle it out in a defensive game. Travel will be tough on the Rams, but the Jets almost lost to the Browns this year. Enough said.

*All spreads are according to ESPN and are subject to change

By Brandon Pollack                          Photo Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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